Retail payment system development

Efficient, reliable, and secure payment systems provide the critical infrastructure for a robust digital economy. In partnership with regulators, financial institutions, payment services providers, and other payment system actors, PSG advises on the development of national retail payment schemes and switches that are open, interoperable, and accessible. Areas of focus include design of governance and operational structures, scheme products and services, business and technical rules, and commercial agreements and standard operating procedures.

Market landscaping, research, and assessments

In a given market, understanding the DFS and payments ecosystem as a whole is a critical foundation for any digital initiative, whether at a national or institutional level. To inform digital strategies and investment decisions, PSG works with its clients to conduct assessments of the regulatory and policy environment, financial and payments infrastructure, DFS provider landscape, and consumer needs.

Digital financial services and payments strategy and execution

Growing evidence points to the positive impact of DFS and digital payments on financial inclusion, broad-based economic growth, and poverty alleviation. To advance the uptake and adoption of DFS and digital payments, PSG works closely with actors at a national level, such as government agencies, regulators, and donors, as well as actors at a market level, such as banks, microfinance institutions, and payment services providers.  Areas of focus include strategy design, business model and business plan development, and product development.

Stakeholder engagement and ecosystem development

The digital landscape comprises a range of actors including regulators, government agencies, various types of financial institutions, fintech providers, big tech companies, and end-users themselves. Coordination, collaboration, and consensus-building between these various actors is essential for the successful implementation of digital initiatives. PSG has a proven approach to stakeholder consultation and engagement, facilitating buy-in and promoting partnership development across critical ecosystem players.