Interoperability of Digital Financial Services in Rwanda

In Rwanda, PSG is supporting the Rwandan payments industry, including the National Bank of Rwanda (central bank), government agencies, banks, switches, payment services providers, microfinance institutions, savings and credit cooperatives, and fintechs, with the development and implementation of a business model and plan for a national, interoperable, real-time digital payment system. 

Global DFS Interoperability Toolkit for Credit Unions

PSG is the implementing partner for the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU) during the planning phase of the Global DFS Interoperability Toolkit for Credit Unions in the Philippines and Indonesia. The long-term goal of this project is to reach and serve the existing 248 million CU members who are already connected and to extend the reach to serve the un-banked worldwide. 

Integrating Financial Services into Humanitarian Cash Transfer Programs in Lebanon and Jordan

In Lebanon, PSG partnered with the World Bank and CGAP to conduct an assessment of cash transfer programs (CTPs) in Lebanon, with a comparison to Jordan. Through stakeholder consultations, the PSG team reviewed the financial infrastructure underpinning CTPs, legal and regulatory environment impacting the digital disbursement of CTPs and linkages to financial inclusion,